Fishing regulations and rules

The following articles of the Civil Code of the Argentine Republic, hereby transcribed, establish the nature of public property and regulate the use of environments where sport fishing is practiced.

Article 2340. Public property includes…

2nd. Inland seas, bays, coves/inlets, harbors and anchorages;

3rd. Rivers and river beds, other natural watercourses and all waters that have or that might become suitable for general public use, including underground aquifers, without affecting the right of private owners to extract underground water as needed and within the law;

4th. Ocean beaches and inland river banks, which include the range of the floodplain; this is the area flooded during normal high tide or during the daily EBB tide;

5th. Navigable lakes and their lake beds;

6th. Existing or newly formed islands that are not private property, within the territorial sea, rivers, or in navigable lakes;

Art. 2341. Private persons have the right to use and enjoy public property belonging to the State or States, but will be subject to the provisions listed in this Code and to the general or local bylaws.

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