Fishing season in Patagonia

The season starts the 1st of November and finishes the 1st of May, in some places, and the 31st of May in others like Alumine.

The thaw causes high levels of water in rivers and streams, which force us to use heavier equipment usually used in summer.

Temperatures this time of year oscillates between 4º C (39.2º F) to 26º C (78.8º F), cold nights and warm days, however the days can turn into cold and rainy.

January, February and March are the driest and hotter months. During the summer temperatures swing between 12º C to 30 º- 35 º C and rains are infrequent. Generally there are warm days with colder night.

In autumn (April and May the last two months of the season) the average temperature is between 5ºC (41º F) to 20ºC (68º F).

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Every season changes scenery, from the vivid green and colorful spring to the golden color in autumn. A delight for all the senses.

A delight for all the senses.