Why "wading" fishing?

Fishing from the river bank or wading the river is our chosen technique to fish in these rivers and creeks

We think these are the best ways of fishing here. It consists in walking up or down looking for trout. We have to wear not very colorful clothes in order mimic the surroundings, not to scare away the trout.

You must walk quietly, waiting to see a trout. Surrounded by an breathtaking landscape and being in harmony with nature, we became, in a way like hunters stalking for a prey.

This way Fly fishing teaches you how to "read" the water, to pay attention to the rapids and river pools. Also to recognize where to find the trout, in case you do not see them on the surface.

It also makes you improve as anglers, to learn and to excel your fishing techniques, according to the rivers features.

Such a challenge to picture a shot, perform it and get a "pique" (when the trout bite the fly. What could be better…?

Many times have happened to us, in rivers like "Alumine", to see trout eating peacefully a few meters away from us.

You cannot come near, unless you want to try sub aquatic fishing. With the shores full of trees which branches touch the water it is almost impossible perform a "roll".

The only thing we can do is go on walking looking for less complicated spots, leaving the trout eating peacefully.

Anyway, surely tomorrow you will find them somewhere you can cast from the shore.

This is a very good this for us. Trout need quiet places to rest and eat without being disturbed.

Can you imagine what might happen in rivers did not have these inaccessible spots to limit us? The fishing pressure would be enormous as well as its consequences.

We try to preserve this environment, and to leave it in better conditions if possible. For our sons and grandchildren, for them to enjoy it, as much as we do nowadays.